Our Story






Who We Are

Guinéenne des Mines (“GDM”) was established in 2016 as a joint-venture between the founders of Consolidated Mining Corporation (“CMC”) and Boma Trans (“BT”), in response to the rising global demand for bauxite and aluminum.


With Guinea holding 27% of the world’s known bauxite reserves, both sets of Guinean entrepreneurs fully recognized the importance of the country’s current and future role as a global bauxite supplier. Consequently, GDM was forged as part of their effort to not only advance the development of Guinea’s domestic bauxite sector, but also to ensure the involvement and influence of Guinean nationals in this rapidly growing industry.

In November 2016, GDM successfully applied for and was granted a 3-yr bauxite exploration permit in northwest Guinea. The mining block covers a total area of 126 squared kilometers, approximately 12 km south of Boké.


Based upon the results of a feasibility study and environmental impact report conducted on a portion of the block, a conceptual plan was drafted for GDM’s mining operation, detailing the following:

  • ~40M metric tons in reserves to be mined using open pit operations due to the ore’s proximity to the surface

  • Conventional drilling, blasting and crushing activities to be used during the extraction process

  • Direct shipping ore (DSO) to be loaded into 40 – 60 MT dump trucks and transported along the route that links Boké’s mining region to the WAP port in Dapilon (~35 km from GDM’s proposed mining site on the bank of the Nunez River)


In January 2018, GDM’s conceptual plan was approved, and the joint-venture was issued an exploitation permit by the Government of Guinea (“GoG”). Shortly thereafter, GDM made its first shipment to buyers in China (via a 177,000 DWT capesize ship), rendering them the first wholly Guinean-owned bauxite mining venture in the country’s history to successfully reach the exploitation phase.


A quality control report issued by SGS, the project's designated independent surveyor, confirmed the existence of high-quality bauxite in GDM's initial stockpile and shipment:

  • Al2O3 (Aluminum) - 45.14%

  • SiO2 (Silica) - 2.59%

  • Fe2O3 (Iron) - 24.42%

  • CaO (Calcium) - 0.06%

  • Moisture Content - 8.69%

GDM’s goal is to build world-class mining operations throughout Guinea so that we can help elevate the country's mining infrastructure, technology and workforce.

Furthermore as Guineans, we have a strong desire and commitment to utilize our project's rich supply of bauxite resources, and the wealth generated from it, to drive national development in other downstream activities (i.e. railroads, refineries, etc.).

In order to achieve these ambitious mining goals, GDM intends to do the following:

  1. Reinvest our proceeds to create skilled jobs, train workers from local communities, and promote STEM and other interdisciplinary programs that will help prepare candidates for work in many of our technical operations.

  2. Reinvest our proceeds to expand both new and existing infrastructure projects in Guinea, with a particular focus on mining, road, railway and port development

As the country’s first bauxite miner to be wholly-owned by Guinean nationals, GDM is committed to putting Guinea and Guinean citizens first.

We pledge to honor this commitment when making any and all business decisions regarding employment, infrastructure development and social/environmental impact. The success and welfare of our country and its citizens will govern every aspect of GDM’s business model and operations - that is our promise.